How to Study the Bible (1 of 7). (71 min)

Joseph Pittano

Tonight, we’ll begin a series in our Wednesday evening studies about how we do well to go about studying the Bible. I am utilizing my decades-old John MacArthur Study Bible for this. In it he has a section called, interestingly enough, “How to Study The Bible.” This book of mine has actually been in the hands of the Taliban in Pakistan. Special Forces recovered it for me on a raid back in 2010 along with all my seminary textbooks and other items. They took my badminton set, but left the Bible. This study Bible is a resource I very highly recommended for anyone to get. This particular section is near the front of it and consists of about four total pages of helpful material. Our goal is to go through it and talk about each point. Tonight, some great questions will serve as examples of why we should study the Bible. They’re great questions that some in our group are asking for a great many reasons. I pray you’re richly blessed as you join us!

God bless!!!

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