Acts Study (41 of 44). Chapter 25 (83 min)

Joseph Pittano

Today, we go through chapter 25 of this amazing story. Paul is perhaps the most prolific Christian in history. Certainly the most amazing one that we have some of the exploits recorded of. We’ll see what happens in yet another of his defenses against the people. His hope is the Resurrection. They knew it. We are just about to see him head out toward Rome. After we get through the chapter I’ll also talk a little about textual criticism or biblical reliability today and get to field a question about the difference between Protestantism and Catholicism too. The sermon mentioned at about one hour and thirteen minutes is here:

Because I mentioned Athanasius today, I thought to share this next link if perhaps anyone was interested in learning more about him. It’s an incredible biographical look at the man:

I hope you’re blessed as you listen.

God bless!!!

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