Romans Study 2007 (23 of 30). 11:16-36 (61 min)

Joseph Pittano

I am no dispensationalist today. I’m what I’d call a “fulfillment theologian.” Every single one of God’s promises to Abraham’s descendants has either been fulfilled already in Christ or will be fulfilled in the new heavens and new earth to come. Back in 2007 teaching this, I was more dispensational. What God did in Israel can never been uprooted. Their honor as a nation, as well as their shame, can never be removed. This is a jet tour through a Bible book, like any book, that I'd rather not ever move through so quickly. I got to teach this class many years ago in Louisiana (at a church near Fort Polk) just before a deployment to Afghanistan. It's in the video section of the site as well. I had to move through it quickly being constrained by my timeline.

God bless!!!

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