Theology on the Canon of Scripture (61 min)

Joseph Pittano

When we come to examine the canon of the Bible, we often only think of it on the tail end. Which books "made it in" to the Bible, when, where, by who, how, etc.? We talk a lot about textual critical issues like numbers of manuscripts and their transmission throughout history. We talk about modern translations quite a lot. These are all very good questions to ask. The Bible is a thing of history. It is a book transmitted, etc. These questions can help us to understand what we mean by "canon," but they're not the only question we need to be asking. We must have a theology on canon if we're to properly understand it. God has always revealed himself among his people. How does anyone truly know that God is speaking in the Bible? How did we ever? What is our ultimate assurance? How can the facts of history and Bible assembly help us understand all that God has done in his people and how? That's what this message is all about. I have other messages on the site here with more on the subject. I pray it's a blessing to you. Jesus said, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away." Matthew 24:35. He was right. He was right and we can prove it.

God bless!!!

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