The Catholic Eucharist

Joseph Pittano

If the modern Catholic view of the Eucharist is correct then how can I, someone who’s never partaken of it, have life in me? How can I be saved? This is a question we must ask. There is perhaps no more important group that Christians need to focus their evangelism on than Catholics. This is loving one’s neighbor. And it’s not so important we do so just because they’re a large group. The Catholic Church does not believe or teach the Gospel…while it claims to. It is in the end, after all the care is given to language, nuance and love, a vain attempt at self-righteousness, and a rejection of the salvation from the Cross of Jesus Christ. And with God as my witness I wish I was wrong! Now, there are likely many people who truly love Jesus in the Roman Catholic Church. But they’ll be saved, if saved, in ignorance. They’re saved despite Catholicism, not by it. Having said all this, this video is being presented to ask one specific question. I hope it does so with you. And I hope to hear from you. One minor correction: I said somewhere in here that the current Catholic catechism was written in the “early mid-twentieth century.” I don’t know why I said that. It was published in the late twentieth century. 1992 to be specific. There’s a lot more on on Catholicism. Just use the keyword search to find more.

God bless!!!

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