Review. Pittano vs Ahmed. Christian vs Muslim. Scientific Argumentation from the Bible and the Quran

Jun 1, 2024    Joseph Pittano

I had the dubious pleasure of debating with Mr. Nadir Ahmed on the Modern-Day Debate Platform on YouTube. This debate aired on 31 May 24. It went from about 8:00 PM (EST) to 10:30 PM.

This audio message are some follow up thoughts that night after the debate. You can find the video of the debate online here:


In this debate, I’ll present the case for how the Bible speaks accurately regarding all the sciences yet is not a science book and respond to Mr. Ahmed’s futile attempts to establish the Quran’s claims on a few subjects as correcting those of the Bible. There are ten-minute opening statements, two minutes of back and forth for about an hour and then a good bit of time back and forth with some online chat questions. We’ll discuss Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed, handwashing, alcohol, and meat consumption. We were supposed to discuss divorce as well, but we didn’t really get there. Mr. Ahmed repeatedly and wantonly disregards context to frame his reductionist arguments to his liking, cherry picks very loose support for his views via some online atheists and even select snippets of various online articles that he’ll say support Islam by telling you it’s a good idea to wash your hands as he presents to us the house of cards he erroneously calls a better scientific basis for Islam than what Christianity teaches. It would take anyone about 30 minutes to present the kind of case he presented on anything. By the end of the debate, we’ll see him on his heels in frustration as he demonstrates that he too has to do interpretation with the Quranic text and with the hadith while he all the while calls it nutty when anyone else does it. I learned a lot during this debate and I’m so privileged to have had the opportunity to present a brief biblical case on these matters. The audio message I linked you to here above expands a bit more.

The Bible speaks far more accurately, and communicates, of course, far greater truths, than what Muslim leaders copied from it to produce the Quran. My thanks to Mr. Ahmed for inviting me and to Modern-Day Debate for hosting us.


God bless!!!

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