Scientism (34 min)

Joseph Pittano

Scientism is religion masked in philosophy that masquerades as fact. It’s an abuse of facts in theory. It undergirds the worldview of a great many people in the west today. It’s a mix of things like Darwin, Freud, wealth, Saturday morning cartoons, sex, and avarice in my culture. It pretends to be based in fact, but it’s not. Its proofs are the works of graphic designers. Its surety is in statistics. Most people hold it today because they’ve never really thought about it. Helping someone identify their worldview as religion or philosophy can be very helpful in life to bring them to recognize that it’s not fact they have (scientism) vs. the mere opinions- devoid of facts- in any other philosophy or religious view. It’s helping them come to the marketplace of ideas in a way that they’re not robbed of humility by false estimations. Scientism is a new materialistic paganism.

God bless!!!

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