A Talk with Jordan King

Joseph Pittano, Jordan King

I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Jordan over the past year or so. He’s a very bright, gifted, and devoted Christian student, husband, and dad. We got together today to talk about a few things and ended up talking about a lot.

Topics covered in this talk include but aren’t limited to taking about taking doctrinal labels upon ourselves in theology, our witness in the world, infants who die, Baptist confessional history, the Anabaptist rebellion in Muenster, GM, Calvinism, monergism vs. synergism, atheism, lots on textual reliability, manuscript transmission, Bible translations and translation methodology, eschatology, and lots more I’m sure I can’t remember.


Where you can find Jordan on Twitter:

James White on Wretched TV and how we know we can trust the Bible:

Dr. James White church history series:

The book by Dr. Michael J. Kruger: “Surviving Religion 101: Letters to a Christian Student on Keeping the Faith in College.”

God bless!!!

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