The Gospel Came to an Armenian Iraqi in the Eastern Orthodox Church

Joseph Pittano, Martin Khamo

I’m temporarily on assignment out in Fort Irwin, CA, my last Army mission before I retire. I had the privilege while out here of meeting an intriguing young Armenian (not Arminian) man from Baghdad, Iraq named Martin Khamo. He’s a (Baptist) Christian who grew up in Iraq under the reign of Saddam Hussein. Martin speaks four languages with many regional dialects applicable and has served in the US Army as an Arabic linguist. He was also formerly a member of and a deacon in an Eastern Orthodox church. His story is fascinating. He also lived in Turkey before immigrating to the US with some of his family. What intrigued me most when I first met him was the story he told me of being beaten by his mother as a young man for reading his family’s Bible. They had one, but it was kept in a box atop a shelf and was not to be read. He’ll tell the story. I hope you’ll stick around to hear him tell it.

This interview is fascinating for me. I wanted to introduce Martin to everyone I could to tell of what God has done. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been going out to the world since he rose from the dead. To every corner of the earth. I also wanted to learn more about the Eastern Orthodox Religion and what it has become. I hope to shed some light on this for you as well who’ll watch.

Yes, the air-conditioning in this small Fort Irwin (Blackhorse) chapel is loud. I honestly don’t know if the two mics were working, or if it was the camera’s audio picking up our talk. I suspect the mics weren’t working for some reason despite a sound check just prior. Sorry about that, but you can still hear the talk. I did my best to clean it up.

May you be encouraged as you hear about how Jesus saved Martin, and may you be educated- as I was- more about the Eastern Orthodox (EO) religion. I’m interested in discussing the EO faith with more priests or people inside of it, so if you know anyone, please refer them over.

You can also watch this video on YouTube at the Biblecia channel.

God bless!!!

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