To the Saints in Pakistan (16 of 38). Romans 7:5-23

Joseph Pittano

The Law curses, but in Christ, it blesses us with godly knowledge. Psalm 119. In Christ, the Law becomes a schoolmaster (Galatians 3:24) that brings instruction and illumination to our lives. We would not as a people understand God’s grace without God’s Law. The Law tells of Jesus in every way. John 5:46. We could not worship Christ as we do, pray as we do, rejoice as we do, suffer well as we do, unless the Law played its blessed part. In God’s healing hand, the Law is the instrument that cuts unto life. The Law doesn’t save anyone; it simply shows the saved wondrous truths of God’s gracious saving. Adam put us all in this mess. We all then sealed ourselves in this mess. The Law empirically proves the universality of the Fall. But God. But God! That is the message of the Law. It is a sweet-smelling aroma when seasoned with the amazing grace of the Gospel. It reveals God’s holiness and shows God’s love toward us in measuring the distance Jesus traversed between God and man to reconcile us to himself by the Cross. Christ died for our sins…by the Law. Christ rose to free us…from the Law. Christ’s holiness is declared…by the Law. We understand what it means to not be under the Law any longer…by the Law. Paul’s use of the Law in this chapter and into chapter eight are like two flashlights shining on one’s path while Christ was crucified in darkness. In the darkness, the Law brings light. And when then the Gospel’s light shines, as when the sun is risen, men turn off their flashlights. Christians are in the light. Paul’s use of the Law is done in the light.

God bless!!!

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