Making Progress When Discussing the Sovereignty of God (18 min)

Joseph Pittano

If you're at all like me, while your life is about the gospel itself, you're absolutely shocked at the level of disregard for one of the primary truths in the Bible- the sovereignty of God in election. Fewer points in the Bible are made more poignantly than that God decides everything...including who he saves. Yet it seems that in our current church culture this truth is very often marginalized at best, and demonized at worst. Many of us feel cheated that our teachers never shared these truths with us, and so we become rather zealous in our proclamation of them once we discover them in Christ. How can we "make progress" in discussing this extremely difficult subject? How do we gauge progress? What does progress look like? This message is about that struggle. I hope it's a blessing to you.

God bless!!!

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