Romans Study 2007 (21 of 30). Romans 10:14-21 (64 min)

Joseph Pittano

Everyone who believes will not be disappointed. Sometimes we must war just to remember this in the vicissitudes of this life. Do you believe that Christ died for your sins and rose again from death for your justification? This will show in every crevice of your life in time. Then rest. War to rest when you must in this. Is the parachute of Jesus on your back? Then you will survive the jump of death! Why?! Because he did. This is a jet tour through a Bible book, like any book, that I'd rather not ever move through so quickly. I got to teach this class many years ago in Louisiana (at a church near Fort Polk) just before a deployment to Afghanistan. It's in the video section of the site as well. I had to move through it quickly being constrained by my timeline.

God bless!!!

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