To the Saints in Pakistan (36 of 38). Romans 15:20-33

Joseph Pittano

Paul’s life is a living example of what Jesus sent his Apostles to do. He’s an open book. He’s a preacher in places Jesus referred to as the “uttermost parts of the earth.” Paul came out. I do believe he went to Spain though it’s not recorded for us in Acts. Acts ends with his imprisonment in Rome awaiting trial. (For a whole series through the Book of Acts you can go to the audio section of Biblecia anytime). Paul was fully aware of the God of his fathers through the Scriptures, by the calling and illumination of his triune God. He had heard of the Father from Jesus, had seen Jesus Resurrected, and was filled with apostolic power in the Holy Spirit. In our passage today, we see he’s on his way to Jerusalem to present an offering to the saints there from Macedonia and Achaia. Paul’s an Apostle. A pastor. A teacher. Let’s learn from him together again today.

God bless!!!

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