To the Saints in Pakistan (20 of 38). Romans 8:29-31

Joseph Pittano

Today, we’ll look at the “Golden chain” of God’s redemption of his children in Christ. We’re seeing the God who did it in this passage. Here, God pulls back the veil to display his marvelous redemption through the Cross. Paul reaches back into eternity past and looks ahead to eternity future to show just how the believer was brought to faith. Ephesians 1:3-6 and John 6:38-39 will be looked to show more of where Paul gets this from Jesus in his theology. I invite the listener to read all of Ephesians 1, all of John 6 (and perhaps listen here: (English only)) and all of John 17 for further study on this crucial matter.

We hear the Gospel announced in our lives. We believe. We repent. We call on Jesus to save us. That is how we experience the Faith. But the Christian has the veil pulled back for them in Scripture to show them far more of the workings of God. The Christian learns that the love they’ve experienced in God was not simply because “they accepted Jesus” but because they were selected for it by God from before he made the world. The Christian learns that they owe their faith to their election, not their election to their faith. They’re humbled by this, and if taught well, they’re brought closer to Jesus in it to be able to truly declare the kinds of things Paul begins to in verse 31! Without the knowledge of what Paul says in verses 29 and 30, verse 31 makes no sense.

God bless!!!

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