1 John Study. Part 7. 1 John 2:25-29 (80 min)

Title: 1 John Study. Part 7. 1 John 2:25-29 (80 min)
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Jesus promised eternal life to all those who believe in him, many times, and in many ways. Seeing that promise clearly set forth for us is a part of our goal today in accordance with John’s direction in the text. The word of God produces hope when his written promises are rightly understood and esteemed by his children. Hope then is a literal part of Christian sanctification. Are you “practicing righteousness?” John says it’s a way you can know you’re born of Christ. We’ll talk a bit about apologetics as we begin today. We’ll talk about discernment in our own lives and against false teachers. An illuminating discussion on judgment will also ensue after our time in vv. 25-29 today. May God bless you richly by it all.

An audio message called “Judge Not” is mentioned today. Here’s a link:


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