Judge Not (46 min)

Title: Judge Not (46 min)
Message Description:

Some people (very often Christians) say that Christians are not to judge anyone. Period. Where does this idea come from? Is it biblical? Is it wise? Is it even possible? Can we even tell the truth about someone’s need for Jesus if we don’t judge at least on some level? Is it possible to talk about sin with those who practice it and not overstep our assigned ambassadorship? What about the judgment Christians are expressly commanded to render? Frankly, I think that most of the people saying, “don’t judge anyone” are those most often clueless about God, and the least effective for the kingdom. They’re lazy and this is an excuse to have everyone like them. However, there is a sinful judgment we’re told to avoid. We are not God. We are not perfect. We are all sinful and all in need of grace. Our sins are always “logs” compared to the “specks” in the eyes of others. We need to talk about it all to hopefully arrive at a clear theology on judgment. I hope this message helps to that end. God bless.

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