Where We Baptists Came From (1 of 2)

Title: Where We Baptists Came From (1 of 2)
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I had the privilege of addressing the members of Chin Community Church in Temple Terrace, FL on the Baptist Faith on the 14th and 15th of March in 2024. We talked about the essential theology that makes us Christians as Baptists and several Baptist distinctives within Protestantism as well. We talked about history and went over the development of Baptist theology from the Protestant Reformation to today. Using the preamble to the Baptist Faith and Message of 2000, I talked about the purpose and intent of the BFAM itself. We talked about what it means to be a Baptist, the importance of the essential doctrines of the Christian religion, and, of course, talked about the Gospel.

This message is also available in audio format: https://biblecia.com/audio/where-we-baptists-came-from-1-of-2-115-min/.

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