To the Saints in Pakistan. Part 10. Romans 5:1-2

Title: To the Saints in Pakistan. Part 10. Romans 5:1-2
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These first two verses in Romans 5 serve as a summary statement of chapters 1-4. There is no way in any language under heaven to underestimate their power for the Christian. All people under heaven will wonder about God’s salvation in Christ. Jews and Gentiles. How, why, who’s in the covenant, what’s it based on, how did they get into it, etc.? Understanding why Paul’s saying what he’s saying here, and having that understanding summarize all of what he’s already said in the text, is massive in the Christian life. The Bible teaches a justification in Christ by faith alone. This is precisely because it’s a free gift of God’s election to sinners. I pray you’re blessed as you join us in our on-going study.

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