The Trinity

Title: The Trinity
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When we talk about God we can say a great deal because of what he’s given in the Bible. We can talk of him as the Creator, the providential ruler over earth, as eternal, loving, wrathful, etc. But when we ask, “Who is this God in his very nature?” we also learn from Scripture that God is utterly unique. There is one God who is uniquely triune. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One God, three Persons. Why do we use this language? How important is it? Here’s a few minutes on it…with more on the site here, and surely more to follow later.

I recommended just two ministries here for more teachings on the Doctrine of the Trinity though I have recommended dozens of teachers who would gladly offer such in my for years. I recommended one book in particular here called, “The Forgotten Trinity” by Dr. James White. It is a blessing. You can find a list of all his books on his ministry’s website at

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