The Song of the Church

Title: The Song of the Church
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The song of the church is one of redemption. A song of praise to the God who rescued his people from sin by his own supernatural power. God is the God of the living. The songs of the church are the songs of the living. Christian salvation is no accident, it is not random, and it was not because of anything any one of God’s people did. We owe it all to God. Question: do you believe that salvation is a miracle? I do. I’ll work to prove why today. To understand why it’s a miracle, we only have to understand what the Bible says SIN has done to us all. Adam’s and our own. Today’s message takes a closer look at some of the songs of the people of God. We’ll consider passages from Exodus 15, Deuteronomy 32, Hebrews 2, Revelation 5 and 15, and more to hear the songs of the church. My goal in this is to remove every bit of false assurance possible and to bring you to understand where true assurance always comes from—Christ’s love and Cross.

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