The Gospel To Greece

Title: The Gospel To Greece
Message Description:
This message is about the Gospel that’s been heralded across the planet for nearly thousands of years now. The longest part of this message (~30 minutes) is recorded on top of Mars Hill itself, AKA the Areopagus in Athens just beside its famed acropolis. The Bible records a bit of Paul’s interaction there with some of the locals on his second missionary trip near the middle of the first century AD. We’ll dive into Acts 17 there in honor of it. Other parts of the message are recorded elsewhere in Athens and in ancient Corinth. What strikes me as I travel to the places I’ve gotten to go is that the Gospel is the same no matter who you are. We are indeed different, but the righteousness of God can only come to us in the same way. The Cross of Christ is the sole hope of humanity. This message was recorded in and around perhaps the cynosure of all things Gentile—Athens, Greece, but the message to them did not change. It’s the same globally. Whether you’re Greece or Australia. Mineral Ridge, Ohio or Tokyo, Japan the message never changes. Our greatest need never changes. Paul preached Christ crucified and Christ Resurrected. I recorded this message here to remind the world that that’s precisely still the only hope for any of us.
Run time is 1 hour and 19 minutes in eight parts. Each section’s approximate start time is in parentheses below.
Part 1- “Lessons from Corinth for us today” (1:30).
Part 2- “Christian calling” (8:35).
Part 3- “History and truth” (14:22).
Part 4- “The Corinthian theater” (19:58).
Part 5- “The bema seat” (24:08).
Part 6- “Downtown Athens” (26:23).
Part 7- “Mars Hill” (36:31).
Part 8- “The Acropolis” (1hr:6min).
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