The Christian Old Testament and Life in the New Testament

Title: The Christian Old Testament and Life in the New Testament
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Are we as Christians picking and choosing which parts of the Old Testament we’re obedient to? We’re oftentimes accused of such from without, but do those accusing us really even know what they’re asking? Do they understand the breadth of the answer? Do we? Can we give an answer? Is the relationship between Old and New Covenants so unclear that one must arbitrarily decide today which parts of the old really matter on his or her own? Can we who now are in Christ in fact eat what was once called “unclean” and not be made unclean? What about the clothes we wear? Blended fabrics and such? What about tattoos? What about putting certain sinners to death? What about how we work our fields? Are we (was any other nation ever) the same as ancient Israel? Are we under the same Law as they were before Jesus came? If not, why not? Can we in fact touch a football today since it’s made of dead animal skin? All of these things and far more were in God’s words to the Hebrew people and they took it very seriously. It’s all in the Bible. So, what do we do with it all who say we believe in sola scriptura (Scripture alone) and tota scriptura (all of Scripture)? These are the kinds of questions we’ll examine today.

Here’s a three-minute YouTube link to the clip from the show “West Wing” that I mention but don’t show in the talk: How would you answer the “questions” asked by the President in this clip? Hopefully you’re more equipped to do so today after you watch or listen to this message than that lady was if you’re ever sitting in the White House when such a “question” gets tossed out at you. I know I would be! I’d have put the President on his hind parts (metaphorically speaking).

What does it mean to be under a New Testament with God today as a Christian? What is our relationship to the Law of Moses and the whole of the Old Covenant era?

I hope to give a solid defense of exactly why Christians can eat what they eat, wear what they wear, and believe what they believe regarding certain parts of the blessed Mosaic Law by examining the hermeneutical coherence of the relationship between the New Covenant and the Old Covenant.

Here are the passages looked to in today’s message: Exodus 21:33-36; Leviticus 11:24-25; Mark 7:14-15; Hebrews 9:1-15; Hebrews 10:11-22; Romans 14:14; Colossians 2:16-17; Ephesians 2:11-16. Here they are as compiled list in the used Bible Gateway search tool:

And here is a link to the teaching series mentioned near the start called, “Holiness Code For Today” by Dr. James White:

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