The Anabaptist Rebellion at Muenster from 1534-1535

Title: The Anabaptist Rebellion at Muenster from 1534-1535
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I’m at St. Lambert’s church today in the Prinzipalmarkt of central Muenster, Germany. What happened here in the Anabaptist or Muenster Rebellion from 1534-1535 is truly (and happily) the stuff of legends. A cult rose up from the necessary Reformations in Germany and Switzerland to demonstrate some of the most un-holy and non-Christian ideology ever seen. Literally after 500 years, the cages of the men tortured and killed in this square afterward still serve as a reminder of the events that took place here. The rebellion’s rapid timeline makes it all the more dramatic. I’ve driven over six hours to come here. Seeing Muenster has always been near the very top of my European bucket list. Today, I want to talk to you about the Muenster Rebellion. As a Particular Baptist myself, I’ve also wanted to know for a long time what my theological relationship is to the Anabaptists of old. Is “Anabaptism” “Baptist?” I’ve learned that there’s not much relation at all.

Below are some resources mentioned in the video for further study on Muenster as well as other areas of history.

  1. Anthony Arthur book on Muenster: “The Tailor-King.”
  2. James R. White’s 69 part “Church History” series (audio):
  3. Nick Needham book Series: “2,000 Years of Christ’s Power.”
  4. Philip Schaff book Series: “History of the Christian Church.”
  5. Justo L. Gonzalez book series: “The Story of Christianity.”
  6. Bettenson and Maunder: “Documents of the Christian Church.”
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