Title: Racism
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Racism is sinful. I cannot explain it. If we see it, we should fight it. It has no place in a Christian’s life. What’s really the answer to such a thing where it takes root? A lot of people like to talk about love these days. Love, love, love, love, love. But love for them is rooted in nothing more than the fleeting feelings that surround it. Love will overcome, they say, but what’s a solid basis for love? What’s your basis for even saying people shouldn’t be racist? Most people today believe in the bad science of evolution. If we’re all just meat and electricity making accidents, what’s wrong with racism? There’s no basis for saying racism’s wrong in a Christless universe. Christians have a real basis for correcting racism- Jesus died for people from all ethnicities under heaven. At the Cross of Christ, all people are leveled. At the table of fellowship, we have the recipe for real love and acceptance. We have a true center. The recipe is there. All we have to do, if we’re in Christ, is to follow it.

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