On Calvin and the Swiss Reformation

Title: On Calvin and the Swiss Reformation
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John Calvin is perhaps the most maligned pastor in Christian history. It’s been my experience that those maligning him most are those least familiar with his teachings. Today, my family and I have traveled to what’s possibly the most beautiful city on earth- Geneva, Switzerland. I’m at the wall built to commemorate the Gospel’s 16th century work in the city, and its subsequent affects throughout the world. I want to talk a little bit about what the Swiss Reformation, and particularly John Calvin, means to me. I hope that by extension you discover a bit more about what it, and he, means to you. Calvin is a giant in Christian history. His inimitable book, The Institutes of the Christian Religion is available everywhere, and is a must read for anyone behind a pulpit. Here’s a link to where you can read it online if you choose: http://www.ccel.org/ccel/calvin/institutes/. Sorry about the audio quality of this video! There’s nothing more I can do than what I’ve already done. It was a simple microphone malfunction. I debated even using the video for months now, but I don’t exactly get down to Geneva that often. I’ve decided it’s worth it to post it having now removed the worse parts. It’s worse near the beginning. I hope it’s not too distracting.

God bless!

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