Title: Molinism
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Molinism is worth a look. I’ve known of the philosophy for a long time but have never actually met a Molinist in real life. In today’s video, I’ll attempt to represent it fairly while disagreeing with it entirely. I’ll go through Romans 9, Isaiah 10, and Job 1 to biblically refute the idea that Christians ought to answer their theodicy anywhere other than in God himself, his nature, and his decree. I’ll also cite from the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 as well as other passages of Scripture. I hope you’ll join me.

I mentioned I’d provide links to two videos.

  • This is to the Unbelievable? Broadcast with Justin Brierley and the debate between Dr.’s James White and William Lane Craig.
  • This link is to part of a later given reflection by Dr. White and some others on the matter. It provides some more great thoughts for the subject.

God bless!

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