Ligonier National Conference 2022. Upholding Christian Ethics. Group Discussion

Title: Ligonier National Conference 2022. Upholding Christian Ethics. Group Discussion
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The Ligonier National Conference held in Orlando, FL was a life-changing event for me. The title was, “Upholding Christian Ethics.” Such a blessing! It ran from 24-26 March of 2022. A link to the conference in full is below.

Four of my dearest friends got together with me there this year for all three days of the event and then some. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, worship, laughter, and learning for us all. We plan to make it an annual event from here on out. This was my second Ligonier Conference. My last one was in 2016. This week was a very special time for me for a lot of reasons.

It was really late on a Friday night and a couple of us had been up with nearly no sleep for about 72 hours already, but my buddies and I got together in our hotel to discuss the event from about 1000 PM to just about midnight. I’d like to share our thoughts with you. All of these dear brothers offered their insights and recaps of the conference. The following morning would finish up the conference with about three more hours of material, but a few of us had to head to the airport right away so we got together when we could.

Their discussion, insights, and recall were invaluable to me, and I pray a blessing to you as well.

It’s my first time recording in a mobile set-up so bear with me.

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