Title: Homosexuality
Message Description:

Spend time in this subject with me. Share this message with others. If you watch or listen to this message in its entirety, you will understand the Christian/biblical position on homosexuality. If you want to know what the Bible says about this matter, then let’s walk through it together today. You will not be able to say that its message is unclear after you hear me out, that’s all I can promise.

In the message today, I mention the faithful work on the matter from Dr. James R. White. Two resources from the man on the subject:

  1. The video I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjfaVTN-lE0&t=2126s. There are several subjects addressed during the video. From about twenty minutes to about one hours and sixteen minutes, Dr. White will deal with homosexuality.
  2. The book I recommended is called, “The Same Sex Controversy.” https://www.amazon.com/Same-Sex-Controversy-Clarifying-Homosexuality/dp/0764225243 It’s available just about everywhere books are sold.

This message is also available in audio format here: https://biblecia.com/audio/homosexuality-1-hr-58-min/


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