A Discussion on Natural Law

Title: A Discussion on Natural Law
Message Description:

What is “Natural Law”? Is it a help to us in Christ, or a hindrance to our understanding? Is there some definition of it that doesn’t carry with it the oftentimes justified un-wanted baggage of scholasticism? What do un-regenerate men suppress when they suppress all that may be known of God in Creation and conscience as God tells us in Romans 1:19-22? Does it make them accountable before God when they do so? These are all good questions presented to us in God’s word. Every generation can benefit from reflection on these things.

I’m joined online today by DJ (@eXnihilO_) to discuss what can be made of truths in the world outside of Scripture. Is all truth God’s truth? I say yes. DJ will help us work some of this out.

Join us today for an enlightening discussion that shows many truths about the topic, both its helps and its limits.

This talk is available in audio format as well on Biblecia.com: https://biblecia.com/audio/a-discussion-on-natural-law-99-min/


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