Some lessons cannot be learned in a day

     The power of Jesus’ sacrifice for sin is amazing. When you think of all the blood sacrifices offered under the first covenant, it’s truly staggering. Just think of the endless flow of blood that proceeded from the altar from the time of Moses (1450 B.C.) to Jesus (A.D. 28)! In all of it, and through all the priests called to offer it, there was no power to really remove sin. Those sacrifices could not make the worshipper perfect toward God, Hebrews 7:19, et al. One overarching lesson behind all of what we call the “Old Testament” was to teach the people (and us) about the reality of sin. It was a continuous reminder of the cost associated. Some lessons cannot be learned in a day. We who stand on the back end of it all, remembering all that was required, should marvel at the reality of it, and look to the cross with a restful worship.

     Christ’s sacrifice was far superior to those offered under the first covenant for a great many reasons, and in many ways. Hebrews most especially teaches us about the greatness of Christ’s offering for sin. He offered it once; He will never die again- not in a mass, not on a cross, not on your life. This is because His one offering forever accomplished what no works of men ever could.

     From the sin of Adam to the last sin committed before the end of the ages, Christ’s one offering for it was all sufficient. What a perfect High Priest! What an advocate! What a hope! What grace! What perfection! Even our sin laden consciences can now rest because we can rest in Him and His finished works. 

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