Sheep are Sheep. The Shepherd is the Shepherd.


     Study God’s word and other students of it. Pray, fast, fellowship, serve, work diligently with your hands, love your God first, your spouse and your family. Love your enemies as well. Do all these things and prove yourself till death by them as to their being your truest joys.

     Do them hourly, but remember that a sinner will not be finally won by any of them. We do not bring men to a fixed Jesus; Jesus gathers His sheep by us. It is not us that win men if they’re saved from wrath it’s Christ. He gets the glory. In heaven they will likely not even remember us. God remembers. We play our parts. God has redeemed us and kept us here to do it. We evangelize, we pray, we do all that we’re commanded to, yes. But if a person is to be reconciled to God, at that moment, there are only two people in the universe involved—sinner and Redeemer. 

     Christ seeks no middle ground with man. “…Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice,” John 18:37b. 

     A saint once said it well: “Don’t preach to be original. Preach to be faithful.”

Luke 17:10.

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