The November 2016 Presidential Election

Tomorrow I fear It’ll be confirmed that we’ll soon have Mrs. Clinton as our next president. I don’t fear it like I fear God, but I fear that God has judged my people already, and that she’s a part of it.

May this truly be the prayer of my heart after tomorrow: “Jesus, you are the President of presidents. You have placed Mrs. Clinton where she is. I want to pray for her. For her salvation. To pray for those around her. For her family. I ask you, Lord, to be glorified in these United States. I do. We have turned from you as a nation. You fruited our plains. You purpled our mountains between the shining seas you gave us. We are whores. We have played the harlot. We are the most blasphemous nation on the planet with “In God We Trust” insulting us on our true god’s backside. Deceit is our code, and arrogance is truly our hallmark. I say all this to acknowledge that we do not deserve good leaders. As a nation, we are stained from tip to toe with the blood of our babies. We are whores of every sort. We celebrate everything you despise. We do not deserve grace. But God, if you would, please deliver us from ourselves?! You did it in Israel long ago so very many times. There are people in this country who are also the seed of Abraham. Remember your Covenant to us in Jesus. We Gentile descendants of Abraham by faith implore you to deliver our children from what we’ve become. Make them better. May our children be men and women of dignity, honor, respect, and most importantly of worship. Like you spared Lot, spare our children. You are a faithful God. You are faithful to your word. Lord, please hear this prayer from me and anyone else qualified to pray it in Jesus’ name. Outside of the Resurrection there is no hope for anyone, or any country. Dear God, come back to us. For your own glory. For your beautiful gospel!”

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