God Equips

Scripture speaks of itself as able to make believers fully equipped for every Christian work, 2 Timothy 3:16-17. We’re informed of what we need to do honorable Christian ministry in every facet of it by Holy Scripture. We don’t need some subsequent baptism post salvation or any higher level empowering. In Christ, all we need is the word of God. God’s word tells us what it takes to pastor, to teach, to love, to forgive, to serve others and all the rest. We’re fully equipped by the Holy Spirit through the word to fight against our sin, share the faith, pray, combat spiritual evil, judge righteously, be good spouses, understand our origins and destinations, and much more. Scripture’s “sufficiency” is the doctrine which says that while the Bible is not necessarily exhaustive, it does tell us all that we need to know about life in Christ. Those who know it best know that it contains much more than just our needs, but it covers all our needs nonetheless.

     Despite the fact that the enscripturated word tells all in textual, referential form, God still comes to us frail and unprepared-in-heart-and-mind individuals as we are and skills and grills us for the tasks He’s prepared for us to do. He does this in mysterious ways. Ephesians 2:10 teaches us that the very reason we were redeemed was unto these good works. As we are prepared for them by God and His word in numerous ways, God must equip each of us individually. 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 speaks of individual spiritual gifting in the church. God does it all. None of these gifts are given to all, some were only for the Apostles, but all were given to the church. They give us examples of God’s equipping of the saints.

     There’s not a single man or woman called in Scripture who, upon receiving their call from God, would’ve felt themselves suitable for the task in and of themselves. Paul wrote that our sufficiency for ministry in the NT is not from ourselves, 2 Corinthians 4:7, et al. He said that it’s by the grace of God alone that he was what he was. All of his preparation would have been for naught if God had not equipped him for Apostolic ministry.

     It’s no different for us today. If God has called you to a work He will equip you for it. In the Army we call this, “Setting someone up for success.” Even if it appears that the work is a complete failure, it’s not. God never fails. Moses didn’t feel up to the task of standing before pharaoh. Isaiah knew well his own uncleanness. Jeremiah rebuffed God’s calling on him citing his youth. Peter confessed his sinfulness the moment Christ displayed His power in his boat. All unworthy, all called, all equipped, all did exactly what God had ordained.

     I feel completely incapable of performing as God has called me to and feel so every single time. I step out nonetheless because I believe in the Holy Spirit. I have found that every time I step out in obedience, that the fears cease and the equipping or, dare I use the word, the anointing, comes. In the midst of the very work I’m often strongly reminded by God of this. The fears may return again later, but, in the work, there is nothing but the certainty of God’s enabling for it. My confidence is then put in Him.

     Pursue works for God. Stir others up to do them as well, Hebrews 10:24. Read the Bible on a calling you feel led to. Ask God to show you if you’re indeed qualified for it. You may not be. Pray about it a lot, search your heart, ask God for wisdom, and seek out godly counsel. If He’s called you to a ministry or work, He has already begun equipping you, and will complete your preparation for that work. God equips where He calls. Always has, always will. 

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