So, I watched this 1.5 minute video:



and I had this thought:


Imagine it’s AD 2043. You’re 24 years old on a Friday afternoon sitting in your apartment drinking a cup of coffee and reading an old online news article from 2019. You were born in Alabama that year and put up for adoption on the day you were born. You’re young and still dealing with the sad fact that your biological mom and dad didn’t want you, but as you break from the screen for a second to glance at a photo on the wall you cock a half-smile knowing you had loving parents who adopted and raised you. They did the best they could, and you know they sacrificed a lot for you, especially when you were a teen, but their love taught you that that’s just what parents do. You know your life’s not perfect, but as you take stock of all you’ve got and your future, you know that it’s at least yours to live.

You read that back in the year you were born some “Reproductive rights” advocates said your mom’s choice regarding you was “Her choice alone” but that the state you lived in and some other people you’ve never met said, “No, we protect life.” As you scroll down through the article, you see a picture of a woman you’ve also never met near the very hospital you were born in saying that the state’s fight for your life was, “Totally blatantly unconstitutional.” There’s even talk in the article of a small plane circling overhead flying a large banner to encourage or remind anyone complicit in your death that it’s “okay.” The author says some there that day thought it was just “so cool” to look up to the heavens and see such love and support for women. You remember that you were born in the midst of a literal culture of death. There are memorials built in your city now just like Poland’s Auschwitz museum to remember all of the lives lost in abortion. You have to fight against the anger rising up inside you toward even the idea of the pilot as you imagine the kind of work that went into such a thing and all that it said about you. He maybe didn’t know it, but you do. He was talking about you and it’s very personal. A quick calculation tells you that you were only three weeks old at the time of the article still inside your mom (who you wish you knew) but you just had no say in that.

Now, how might you feel about the people who protected your life? About the people in the local church who told your mom they’d support her in every way they could through your birth because your dad was not there, but that they couldn’t stand aside any more and just let you die? How would you feel about the people who adopted you? Who knew you were not just some inconvenience to be avoided? Can you imagine the hypocrisy of someone ever mentioning words like “love,” “right” or “choice” in light of the ghoulish death you were so close to dying?

You know the mind numbing statistics. You know that there are roughly 70,000,000 people who didn’t make it out of the American abortion holocaust, but you did. What might you want to say to the strangers who called your life just a “choice?” Who said you weren’t really a human being? Who likened you to a parasite? Of the “pro-choice” people who were really just “pro-death” when you thought it through? What would you want to say to the brave people who said, even between you and your own mom if necessary- the person who should have loved you more than anyone, “No, that’s a baby.” They saved your life.

But that was a long time ago. You shut the computer and go into the room where your own four-month old son is asleep in his crib. His daddy’s off at work. You look at those cheeks. That hair. Those long eyelashes. Those little feet. You see those perfect chubby little arms twitch and it makes your heart skip at the sound with it. It’s so quiet in the room. You know you’d give your life in a second for him whether it was that very Friday or 13 months earlier when he was no bigger than an apple inside you and you found out you were pregnant with “him.” You sit and stare at him and you know that the love and intimacy between you and your husband that made him alive is more precious than a deprived culture that just wanted sex so badly they’d kill their own offspring to keep it. No matter what, this is now your life to live. And his. And you thank God for it!

Here’s an audio message on the subject of abortion:

Please also watch and share what I think’s the best video done on abortion to date: 180 Movie

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