What We Can Surely Say of Miracles Today (100 min)

Title: What We Can Surely Say of Miracles Today (100 min)
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What do you believe about miracles? No matter your theology on this, anyone who believes the Bible even loosely affirms that the whole world is a miracle to even exist. We all affirm that God did miracles in times past. The question for many is whether or not God does miracles still today. I came out of weird cults of the Word of Faith movement in the U.S.. I was the guy pulling over on the side of busy streets trying to lay my hands on people in wheelchairs. They didn’t get up, but I’d blame either their faith or my own for it, and would tell myself that I had to first learn to heal like headaches and legs not being as long as the other before I could have faith to heal a cripple. That was what I was taught by the people who were just about to take up another offering for my money. I’ve written about this. In this message, I’m not really talking about Word of Faith, etc. I’m not focused there. What I’m talking about are miracles as a whole. Their role past and present. Not everyone who believes that God does miracles, even fantastic ones as Christ and the Apostles once did, is a Word Faith cultist. I know that. I myself believe that God still does miracles. And I think we’re all invited to participate in the largest of them daily. Would you hear me out? I’d love to talk with you about this today. And may this be a blessing to all who hear it.

God bless!

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