What It Means to Have a New Covenant With God (59 min)

Title: What It Means to Have a New Covenant With God (59 min)
Message Description:

The Bible is divided into an Old and New Testament. Do you know why? I mean really? Can you explain why to a friend, or better yet maybe to a child? This sermon does not exhaust what it means to live in the New Testament, of course, but its intent is to get you to understand more about just how precious it is to have Jesus. God is remarkably precise in how he is to be worshiped. When we consider places like Numbers 1-5 and see the detailed prescriptions for Israel we see a God far from saying, “Eh, come however you choose to.” The Old Covenant reveals this to us gloriously and exhaustively. Israel was made into a peculiar people by God. God is no different today. Jesus has precisely honored every detail required to allow men to draw near to him. Can you connect the beauties of John 3:16 with truths such as is found in John 14:6 and Hebrews 8:1? This message might help. We’ll center ourselves in Hebrews 8-9 to consider Jesus’ sacrifice and how he truly has opened up to his people a New Covenant in the single perfect offering of his own life’s blood. This message was recorded on a cold night in February 2020 near Elk, Poland in a small stonewalled Army chapel near the Russian border. I hope it’s a blessing to you as you listen in.

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