What it Means to be a Christian. The Place of the Bible (46 min)

Title: What it Means to be a Christian. The Place of the Bible (46 min)
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If the invisible triune God has touched a life, and if you have the tools to extract or examine it, there will be a distinct fingerprint found. It will be there. A fingerprint of a knowledge of and appreciation for the truth, of repentance, and a love that with an annually increased fervency demands a love for holiness in life. This is just a forensic way of saying, “You’ll know a tree by its fruit.” We pray mainly that a man be saved. If that’s all we get, then it is indeed eternally more than enough. But then, for all the saved, we pray that salvation would be known and celebrated in a growth in the truths of God’s word. We will make disciples and seek to teach them all that Jesus has commanded us. Today at our church, my fellow pastors and I began a series called, “What it Means to be a Christian.” Today was part one. We’re beginning where we should- with God’s self-revelation in the Bible. In the series, we’ll address this more, along with truths on theology proper, justification, Christology, exclusivity and repentance. You’re cordially invited to join us each week. All the messages, at least for some time, will be available on our Facebook page at: “Rosebarracksprotestantchapel.”

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