What Hate Looks Like to the Christian (21 min)

Title: What Hate Looks Like to the Christian (21 min)
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The only person I could truly say I hate would be someone to whom I’d willingly deny the Gospel. And I can honestly say that that person, for me, does not exist. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, if we through our actions or omission deny the Gospel to someone else, it’s not the Christian way. The Bible says, “Love your neighbor.” Preaching the Gospel is the best way to do so. So, here’s the question: if we rob someone of the Gospel by telling them that a sin they commit is not sin, such as so many do today with sexual immorality, don’t we actually hate them? If we remove the needed, Jesus-like, frank, clear, direct part about the proclamation against sin, no matter what our intentions may be, don’t we equally then remove the message of the Savior from sin? May we never be guilty of, or be used by Satan, to propagate such hate!

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