To the Saints in Pakistan. Part 3. Romans 2:1-6 (39 min)

Title: To the Saints in Pakistan. Part 3. Romans 2:1-6 (39 min)
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What a book! What a Savior! What a group! We pray you’re blessed as you join us for our next part in Romans together. Today (or tonight depending on where God has you under heaven) we’ll consider the role of the Law in the lives of God’s people throughout history. Paul has much to tell us about this in his build up to the Gospel he’s already mentioned in the book. We’ll talk about how the Law leads a person to Christ when the Holy Spirit is drawing them to Christ. Paul wants Gentiles to see this. Paul knows Jews need to see this too. Christians the world over are blessed by the Law in Christ. Blessed. They’re delivered from its penalties by Christ and blessed in Christ by its warnings and godly instruction. May you be so edified today by it.

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God bless!

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