The Many Hats Satan Wears (19 min)

Title: The Many Hats Satan Wears (19 min)
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It’s a good conversation to have with young people especially about exactly how Satan lies. He wears many hats. He does not often come wearing the hat of purest dread. Instead, he comes with cookies. He comes with a smile. As a beautiful person. Hooks with bait get the most bites. He has never created a single joy. He only exploits them and hollows them out. Presenting a world as possibly “good without God” is an example of what I mean when I say these things. The secularist pretends such a thing is possible. It’s not. We’re not “good” in the first place, and so we certainly can’t be what we’re not without God.

Haven’t we been forewarned that, “…even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14. This comes in many ways. Can you see it around you? Seeing it can help you love those trapped in it with the Gospel and in compassion.

Christian parents, if you hear me out here and find it well, I pray you talk with your kids on this one. Help them see their world like this through a biblical framework. In this talk, I recommend a certain book to help too. We can’t be content to teach them to avoid the person in the pentagram. That’s easy…sometimes. We have to teach them of the subtleties of the serpent. We have to show them why they should about some even in the public square.

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