The Doctrine of the Exclusivity of Jesus Christ (27 min)

Title: The Doctrine of the Exclusivity of Jesus Christ (27 min)
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If Christ is who he is. If he did on that Cross what he says he did. If what the Apostles affirmed about him after his Ascension is in fact what all the prophets foretold about him prior to his birth, then there can be no other truth found in any other religion. This whole, “What’s true for you may not be for me” thing is for the birds. Christianity alone can be true if it’s true at all. Jesus cannot be simply a teacher or a god among many. He’s either God or he’s- at best- deceived. What we call “exclusivity” in Christianity is not itself a unique characteristic of the Christian Faith. Many religions claim exclusivity. Even the supposed inclusivists do in that they exclude exclusivists, but the claim of exclusivity is unique in Christianity in that it’s the only true claim of it based on actual truth. I’d like to examine the simplicity of this doctrine with you today.

God bless!

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