The Doctrine of Sufficiency (119 min)

Title: The Doctrine of Sufficiency (119 min)
Message Description:

Tonight, we get to continue our study of inspiration with a focus on the doctrine of sufficiency. That the Bible is a complete and cogent whole for Christian doctrine. That by its very nature and content design it is sufficient as God’s book to tell everyone everything God wishes. We look back to 2 Timothy 3 to see this. We also look to places like Acts 20:32, Acts 2, 1 Corinthians 15, Isaiah 53, to demonstrate biblical sufficiency for the physical Resurrection of Christ.

Our Q&A session begins at right about an hour in centered on our talk on sufficiency, but then quickly moves into some other worthy areas of study from the group such as head coverings, Rome’s Mariology, faith healers, miracles and more.


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