The Bible and the Issue of Slavery. Part 2 (56 min)

Title: The Bible and the Issue of Slavery. Part 2 (56 min)
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There is no way that anyone can say that the Bible justifies the kind of slavery most of us westerners immediately think of in the Transatlantic Slave Trade (TST). The TST was an incredible wickedness that no Christian could endorse. It was Christianity that ended it, and should’ve been Christianity that ended it before it started. But of course every age has its goats and those overcome by the love of money. There was a Civil War in the US so no racist can say something like, “White people did it.” Every nation in history has had forms of the slavery we all condemn seen in the TST.

The Bible, however, is just fine with the slavery practiced in its time(s). This slavery was basically no more abusive than an employer/employee relationship today. We’ll consider some of the many nuances of this subject from the Scriptures together today. I pray you find it honorable.

This is a two part message. Part one can be found here:

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