The Bible and the Issue of Slavery. Part 2 (52 min)

Title: The Bible and the Issue of Slavery. Part 2 (52 min)
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When someone says, “The Bible endorses slavery” what comes to mind for you I wonder? I know what comes to mind for me. I think “African slave trade.” I know that this is what comes to mind for many people today also because of what I hear people saying. Does God in fact support slavery? Does the Bible teach it? I’ve heard people call the Bible a “manual for slaveowners.” Is it? Is there a difference between what Scripture says in the Old Testament and in the New Testament about it? What passages are there exactly, and how does a book composed of sixty-six separate letters (all finished before the close of the first century) speak to the slavery that immediately comes to mind today for most of us whenever we hear the word spoken? These are good and needed questions. This two-part message attempts to answer the question of what we as Christians should say about slavery and the Bible. I hope it’s helpful.

This is a two-part message. Here’s a link to part 1:

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