Psalm 32 (58 min)

Title: Psalm 32 (58 min)
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This Psalm is a Romans four or eight in the Old Covenant. It’s one of the seven penitential Psalms in the Bible. If we understand how it is that David could even make such statements in it we’ll see more of how Paul employs it later in Romans. God always saves his people by grace and grace alone. This has been true since the Fall. It is by this treasure of the knowledge of God’s covenant redemptive promises that the redeemed heart endures! God forgives sinners. This forgiveness is the sinner’s hope. When God is feared, he only then becomes a refuge. The Christian comes to learn how true it is that God is to be desired and enjoyed above all else. His mercies are amazing, and his love leads the believer to repentance for sin, and to the sure hope that when they repent, he continually washes and cleanses them. This is the Gospel laid out in David. I pray you’re blessed.

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God bless!

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