Hebrews Study. Part 6. 3:1-6 (66 min)

Title: Hebrews Study. Part 6. 3:1-6 (66 min)
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Jesus is better than Moses. As believers today, we may take this clear truth for granted. Our author, however, wants this fact to be crystal clear in our hearts. There are many parallels to Moses and Jesus, but Moses spoke of Jesus. Jesus is in every way far superior to even this greatest Old Covenant prophet. The Apostles knew it full well and exclaim it often. Jesus is the promised Prophet of Deuteronomy 18:15. We’ll take some time today to examine some of the parallels between the Lord of Moses and Moses, and we’ll talk about Jesus’ incredible obedience to the Law he himself gave on Sinai, but we’ll see how this was all to build a new tabernacle in himself. Jesus brings in a New Covenant with his people. It is as better than the first house he built as he himself is.

God bless.

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