Hebrews Study. Part 3. 1:4-14 (78 min)

Title: Hebrews Study. Part 3. 1:4-14 (78 min)
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Jesus is better! Better than what you ask? Better than anything. As has been said, a fitting subtitle for the entire Book of Hebrews could in fact be “Jesus is Better.” Better than anything and better than anyone. Everything he’s given his elect in these last days is better even than what he gave his elect in the former times. In verses four through fourteen, our work today, we’ll see how after his brief introduction our Apostle succinctly demonstrates the Son’s intrinsic and now glorified excellence over all his angels. Jesus is not an angel. Nor is he some sort of a mere metamorphosized one as some blasphemously assert. He is not a part of his creation. He is outside of it. Above it. Transcendent. He entered into his creation in the flesh, but he is far superior, as the eternal Creator, to anything he created. We’ll talk today about God’s blessed elect angels themselves. What are they? When were they created? What is their role in our lives. We’ll talk about how we’re not to worship them, yet how both they and we are commanded to worship the Son by the Father in our passage. We’ll do this to understand the author’s clear point in the supremacy of Jesus over an above the angels and also over all of his creation. We’ll make much use of Dr. Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology chapter 19.


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