Hebrews Study. Part 17. 7:11-12 (65 min)

Title: Hebrews Study. Part 17. 7:11-12 (65 min)
Message Description:

On a long set of stairs, it’s smart to place some small platforms along the way for climbers to stop to rest a bit and catch their breath. Here in Hebrews 7, we’re taking some time to rest and consider the whole of the message of the text and the change in priesthood from the Old Covenant to Christ. We’re sitting and taking some time to consider exactly what it means as believers to profess a “New Covenant” with God in Christ. From the days this book’s New Covenant was penned to today, everyone who understands this covenant has had their sins entirely washed away. May you be blessed in hearing of these noble truths today.

God bless!

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