Hebrews Study. Part 1. Introduction to the Text (68 min)

Title: Hebrews Study. Part 1. Introduction to the Text (68 min)
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Today, we begin a verse by verse study of the Book of Hebrews. I haven’t taught through this book in over ten years. This is a workplace study. The class should come together weekly, Lord willing, and the audio be posted just after. I’ll present from the text for about 30-40 minutes, and then we’ll move into a question and answer session afterward. Today’s goal is a general introduction to the book. Date, author, audience, history, interpretive helps, etc. We’ll also consider verse one briefly toward the end to whet our whistle for next week.

Hebrews is a phenomenally in-depth letter of Scripture that will teach us plainly what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. An apt subtitle for the book could be: “Jesus is Better.” We’ll see how. He’s the pinnacle of all of God’s self-revelation and he’s brought the New Covenant church a covenant far greater than anything else he’d given his Old Covenant church. I pray you see, savor, and enjoy the triune God and his covenant of amazing grace more and more each week as a result of our time together! I invite you to check back in weekly for these studies. Write in with questions or comments publicly or privately anytime.

God bless!

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