Ethics in the Workplace (60 min)

Title: Ethics in the Workplace (60 min)
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Ethics matter for a lot of reasons. I was invited today to talk to a group at church about ethics in the workplace. This is a class being conducted at the church. It’s a phenomenal in-depth study that the church is doing. I pray that my contribution to it is a blessing to my church, and to you as you listen in as well.

Be ethical. Be biblical in your ethics.

Someone once wisely said that “Biblical discernment isn’t just knowing right from wrong. It’s knowing right from almost right.” This is very true.

We want solid discernment as disciples of Christ. How do we get it? There are many answers to that question. We’ll talk today about the three things that every believer must do to make good decisions in life. This will apply to their ethical decisions at work, and especially help when maybe the right thing to do isn’t so obvious. 1. We have to know the Bible inside and out. 2. We should pray about anything like nobody’s business. 3. We should seek out godly counsel. In this three step process, because God is entirely sovereign, no true Christian can ever once ever make a wrong decision. Ever! This is our confidence in the sovereignty and caring providence of Almighty God. It is the trust he builds in us through the wisdom he’s given us in inspired Scripture. Regarding ethics in the workplace, I hope that our talk today helps you see the applicability of this to your life today.

God bless!

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